Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pennsylvania Energy Service Provider Network- Funding Alternative Energy Projects

Pennsylvania Energy Service Provider Network- Funding Alternative Energy Projects
The Sustainable Energy Fund has partnered with Wilkes University and the Pocono Northeast Resource Conservation & Development Council to host a meeting to introduce the SEF Energy Service Provider Network to Northeast Pennsylvania.


PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 12, 2009 – On Wednesday, Nov. 18th from 9:30AM-4PM at Wilkes University's Martz Center (Room 214- Building 28), the Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) in cooperation and coordination with the Pocono Northeast RC&D Council and Wilkes University Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Department will be hosting a meeting/seminar for businesses, companies, and individuals on alternative and renewable energy and funding energy related projects.

The SEF is working on developing a service provider network to help deliver quality, cost effective sustainable energy projects to businesses, citizens, and non-profit organizations. The network will not only help to educate and inform local business and citizens, but will facilitate funding of local energy projects for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

The meeting/seminar will focus on:

9:30AM-1:00PM - The SEF's "Energy Service Provider Network"

2:00PM-4:00PM - Energy info seminar for business people and the general public

Note: For the morning meeting parking is limited and preregistration is required- Mr. Chris Flynn at (610)264-4440 ext.16.

The morning session is for businesses or non-profit organizations that provide alternative energy services, such as: energy audits, solar and PV Systems, wind generation, groundsource, geothermal heating and cooling, biomass systems, insulation and weathering services, alternative energy training, and other energy related services. The main goal of the morning session is to inform the service providers how this partnership business could streamline the loan underwriting process, provide working capital, and introduce a microloan program.

The afternoon session is for citizens, businesses, and non-profits that are end users of energy related products and services. The purpose of the meeting will be to educate and inform the public on the financial incentives, financing options, ways to conserve and use energy more efficiently, and to introduce the Energy Service Provider Network. The main goal of the afternoon session is to inform the end users with information on the benefits of the Service Provider Network and the potential for streamlining the process of funding an energy project. For the afternoon session- no on-campus parking is being provided.

For more information, Visit or call Mr. Chris Flynn at (610)264-4440 ext.16.


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